Lessons in Fabric – Cotton

Being deeply satisfied with the most recent outerwear addition to my wardrobe, this structured blazer has proven it’s splendor merely by having an exterior composition of cotton. I’ve investigated further into the strength and versatility of  this classic and ultimate democratic fibre, with partial credit owed to a previous survey of fabrics in reading Clive Hallet and Amanda Johnston’s Fabric for Fashion.  What drew me to cotton most is learning the diversity in fabrics that can be made from it. From furry (corduroy,velour) to sheer (gauze) to functional (denim, gabardine).

Fashion Frocks

Fashion Frocks

As one of the world’s best selling plant fibres, the production and consumption of raw cotton is sizable. Bruno Pieters’ insistence on using organic cotton among other ethically similar fabrics is the core of his company Honestby, advertising the importance of transparency in a clothing company’s supply chain. I’m anticipating his appearance on this weekends upcoming TEDxGhent, which I can only dream of visiting Belgium for.


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