Lessons in Fabric – Linen


Despite the fact that summer in San Francisco does not by any means equate warm weather, I’ve been nonetheless determined to seek utility out of this blouse made from a fabric most appropriately worn in hot climates: linen. A few quasi heat waves in the city this season have ushered my success. Browsing the wonderfully curated racks at Mill Mercantile, I chanced on Fog Linen Works ‘ purely linen product line; right then began my current obsession with the fabric after getting hung up on all of its ridiculously impressive properties.


Sourcing all of her linen from the flax abundant country of Lithuania, FLW‘s Yumiko Sekine is a Japanese designer based in Tokyo.


As Beau Brummel, the Regency era dandy saw it, a generous quantity and quality of linens in ones wardrobe provide “the maximum of luxury in the service of minimal ostentation.” Although that may be a dated statement considering linen is increasingly replaced with less expensive materials today, the fabrics historical purpose in society was as a nearly obligatory sign of refinement.


Nabil El Nayal presently plays with the idea of crisp, white, well-laundered linen as something of social importance.

As an investment purchase, the same product made from linen can endure regular use by multiple generations. The more frequent the usage, the softer, smoother and more appealing it becomes. The tomb of famous ancient Egyptian King Tut was shielded by linen curtains, and they were found completely intact after being discovered over 3,000 years later, structurally perfect. Europe remains the largest producer and consumer of the elegant, precious fabric.


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