Pre-Fall 2014

Becoming increasingly acquainted with Rachel Comey‘s popularity amongst retailers, I understand more about her appeal with delivering an insouciant, cool image with such wearable collections. The versatility of the shoes however, is most striking from an incredibly sellable standpoint. The urban 20-something is beckoned to an obscurely chic wardrobe.
RachelComey_plaid RachelComey_print

Marcus Wainwright and David Neville of Rag & Bone exposed an American side apart from denim for pre-fall; one depicting teenagers spending spare time at the gym (a YMCA the Upper East Side to be exact). Despite being misplaced in a different sports arena, the baseball shirt dress is very well placed over a crisp button up. Mesh and leather inserts give one reason to wear these sports uniforms while being leisurely at the gym.

The experimentation Thakoon Panichgul went through in preparation for Fall yielded promising results. Mens suit pinstripes transferred to a sweat suit, a sailors sweater went one-sleeved, a stiff pinstriped button up melded with a soft abstract floral sweater. His surprising pivot from predominant cocktail dresses proved the diversity of Thakoon’s talent. Those knickers/sweats.
Angela Missoni did herself well to practice subtlety for Pre-Fall with a subdued color pallet that was just enough. The most innovate theme was a bird like feature to some of the garments. A jackets sleeves are draped over the shoulders, but left above the elbows to resemble wings. The Missoni print was at times organized in a petal-like manner as to resemble feathers. These aspects are minimal enough amongst the swing and pleats of the rest of collection to make a handsome foray into the coming Fall.


One thought on “Pre-Fall 2014

  1. The Rachel Comey & Thakoon are so well done, and you’re right about the shoes. I LOVE the thakoon brown croc ones. I like your reading of the Missoni collection, feathery and bird-like is spot on.


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