In Homage to Calvin Klein of the 90s

A proper farewell to 2013 deserves a revisitation to the one who initially started what we call 90s minimalism, which saw a resurgence this past year. Calvin Klein became the king of the golden decade for American fashion as he reformulated the silhouette we search for in clothing, one that feels out the individuals body and makes it feel fluid. In this way he inserted a European edge to sportswear. With respect to the undergarment category, Calvin completely changed the way everyone felt about some of the most basic things we all own. Releasing some of the most shocking ad campaigns of that time, those CK parfum, underwear, and jeans advertisements maintain a power to provoke today, hence my lack of including those famous photos of Marky Mark and Kate Moss topless.
Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 6.07.21 PMScreen Shot 2014-01-21 at 6.04.19 PM


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