Milan Mens – Fall 2014

Milan has a lot to consider in terms of planned efforts towards retrieving its profound fashion presence. Overall, the collections for Fall weren’t necessarily an exception to Italy’s condition at the moment. Nevertheless, we managed to catch something new and sharp.
MSGM_Fall14 MSGM_Fall142
Massimo Giorgetti kept true to his contemporary self as he provided a reiteration of what’s true to his aesthetic; a commercially accessible mixed media look for young men. It was slightly reassuring to see a young italian designer staying home to display his collection.
GUC_Fall14 GUC_Fall142
The cleanliness of Frida Gianini‘s pastel classics in leather with bonded seams reasserted her know-how of what’s best for the boys this coming Fall. Toothpick pants and tailored jackets with a supple feel in soft hues, that is all.
Etro_Fall142 Etro_Fall14
What we saw at Etro displayed an homage to the artistry of italian cloth and tailoring. Slightly dandified three piece suits each in a different plaid roamed down the catwalk for the entire first half. What we realized towards the end was the purpose of this shout out to Italian artists of impeccable tailoring as there was a message being communicated that they are currently endangered.
MP_Fall142 MP_Fall14
Massimo Piombo‘s consistent delivery of an intelligent sometimes solitary man who always retains his social side requires a connoisseurial audience rather than one to interpret and assess his collections each time. That is what’s most appreciated about him as he brings a sort of community of smarts together to truly admire the quality of his well-spun knits and fabrics.


One thought on “Milan Mens – Fall 2014

  1. I like your choice of topic, and am wondering why or how Milan lost its fashion presence in recent years…?
    Great selection of collections, again! Makes me want to see more of the last 2 collections 🙂


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