NY Mens – Fall 2014

Finalizing menswear shows for this Fall in New York solidified the incorporation of ladies on the fellas’ catwalk. Some shows were more co-ed than merely featuring women’s looks. What I enjoyed most about the New York collections was how some designers stuck to their guns, aesthetically, yet still brought it on with impressively original ways of executing their themes in a new way.
Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne showcased the Public School clique we’d all want to be part of. Holding on to the the multilayered tailoring they’re known and respected for, the duo paired it with loose, bunchy trousers, harnesses, and full-brimmed hats with a woolen cloth head-covering underneath. The motorcycle jackets and chunky wool beanies brought that rebellious student factor in.
N.H_Quilted N.H_Shawlcollar
N.H_bleu N.H_lawless
For N.Hoolywood, Daisuke Obana managed to express how he felt about the American Prohibition era of the 1920s non-ostentatiously; a generally difficult feat he seemed to have pulled off in the most appealingly subtle way. There were mandarin collars, grey three-piece suits, pea coats, and wool knit caps that represent the bootleggers of that era. However, nothing seemed dated or “period-piece” like. Boot-cut trousers, camel top coats and shawl collars were presented via stylish car thieves.
TC_plaid TC_patchynylonleather
TC_cashmere TC_AllBlack
Tim Coppens blended the modern structure of tech fabrics into a mountaineering theme spectacularly as he asserted his knack for flawless tailoring that incorporates sportiness. Hence we see a plaid work shirt with rounded at the hem worn with a cashmere scarf or a bomber made up of nylon, wool and leather patches.


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